Find answers to your questions fast provides you with a comprehensive guide on how to watch live football, tennis and cricket on TV, at the stadium or online.

Do I have to pay to use

No, and you don't need to login either.

Which channels are included in the TV Guide?

If a channel covers sport of any description, we have it. Some channels will of course be unavailable to you depending on your location.

How often is the TV guide updated?


What is required to watch sports live streaming?

All you will need is an internet connection above 0.5 mbit. A regular connection is 4 mbit, but can be up to 50 mbit.

Where to watch sports online?

On TV, at the stadium or online - your choice! We give you all the info you need to make an informed decision.

Sports streaming

There’s a lot of options when it comes to watching live sports and there are plenty of illegal stream sites out there. However, in our informed opinion and through experience, we would strongly recommend you avoid these as they come with the potential to harm your computer via phishing, malware and viruses. If that wasn't all, the commentary is not guaranteed to be in a language you understand.


Most bookmakers offer their users a live streaming service, with just a funded account (a positive balance) required. Obviously, they would like you to bet on the game you're watching and try their other products too, but there's no obligation on your part. We only recommend the best bookmakers here.

Subscription and Pay-Per-View

There's a whole host of TV channels showing live sport 24/7, most of these ask you to have to pay a subscription fee. This can be for single games only or a longer period, a week, month, or year even.

How good is the quality of live streaming?

In most cases - and in the case of ALL the providers we recommend here - it's exceptional.

Why should you create an account if you want to watch a live stream?

Opening an account with one of our recommended bookmakers is a small price to pay, in our mind, for access to their live streaming service. It takes a few minutes of your time and it's up to you whether you place bets or now - you will have to deposit funds (which can be withdrawn after) to watch the live streams.

Do provide sports live streaming?

No - we link only to sites that we believe provide a good service / experience.

Does this also works with Apple / MAC?

Yes, because everything runs through the web browser it also works with Apple / MAC

Does organize sports trips as well?

We certainly do and if you have a specific match / event in mind that's not currently covered, please email us ( and we will do our best to arrange something.

For which sports we organize sports.

Any sport you fancy watching, not just football, tennis and cricket. We include US sports (NFL, NBA & NHL) in that too.

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