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  • Offers a wide range of services
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Paddy Power is an Irish bookmaker who saw the light back in 1988 where three minor Irish bookmakers merged into one. To this day the bookmaker has more than 200 betting saloons in Ireland and in the UK, and apart from being very active in the streets they have also established themselves as a very solid online bookmaker.

Live streaming 

Paddy Power offers a live stream called watch and bet. The stream works fine, and there are football, basketball and other matches around the clock.

Pay-out ratio 

It hows that Paddy Power is based in the UK and that the British and Irish customers are the primary concern. The pay-out ratio is very competitive when it comes to British football and other leagues that are of high interest to their customers, such as the Champions League, the Bundesliga or La Primera. Televised games have a very nice pay-out ratio as well at about 93-94% where the non-televised games may lie around 90%.


Paddy Power offers support every day from 9 to 01 (except from Sunday 10-01). They can be contacted through phone or by e-mail. They only offer English customer support. The reaction time of the support is excellent and they treat their customers and any inquiries they may have very seriously.


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Website usability 

The Paddy Power website has a nice layout that you quickly get accustomed to. On the left side you can choose what sport you wish to bet on, and clicking on one of them will take you to a new tab where you can specify what country, league and so on you wish to bet on. You can quickly shift between different sports and leagues. There is a search function as well which works impeccable.

Deposit / withdrawal 

At Paddy Power there are no fees or charges on neither deposits nor withdrawals. That is always a treat for the customers. Deposits and withdrawals are possible with credit cards, via bank transfer or eWallets such as Neteller and Moneybookers. These are all great features provided by Paddy Power. When withdrawing money however, bank transfers do have a relative high fee. If you don’t use bank transfer to withdraw funds, this is no problem at all. Players may have to show identification upon the first withdrawal, and that is just a standard safety precaution that most online bookmakers run.

Our own experience 

With our knowledge of Paddy Power as a very British and Irish orientated site, we came in wanting to check out how many different bets there were available within British sports. We were amazed to see the variety of bets and leagues they offered. British football was available all the way down to league 2 where there were still a lot of bets to choose from.

The verdict 

Paddy Power is a very solid and established bookmaker and focuses on the British and Irish market. This means they have good odds and a lot of interesting bets when it comes to the British market, but they may be lacking slightly at some other markets due to this. The support they offer is great. The pay-out ratio is mediocre, but very good when it comes to British sport events. Generally this is a very good bookmaker if you have an interest in British sport events.